Payinter Wallet

Send and receive money transfers the easy way. Quick access to your funds all over the world.

    Our mission

    Payinter making payments transparent, accessible, fast and global

    We aim to help both local businesses and individuals receive and make payments easier. Transfer funds between friends to cover a common restraunt bill, find a new local business in your hometown or when traveling abroad, pay for an international order. Traditional banking is slow, Payinter wallet allowes you access to your funds 24/7 and makes transactions between users within seconds.

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    Payinter benefits

    A multicurrency wallet, enabling fast transfers, beneficial currency exchange rates, easy onboarding and much more.


    Low exchange rates


    Fast onboarding


    Secure ecosystem




    Payinter for everyone

    Using Payinter allows you to make immediate transfers between users within our ecosystem no matter where in the world you are. Send and receive funds to friends across the globe as easily and quickly as if they were sitting right next to you.


    Payinter for your business

    Whether you are a small local business looking to attract new customers or an established multinational corpooration looking to expand it’s methods of payments received from their clients, Payinter is the move for you. We facilitate immediate transfers within our ecosystem, meaning that no matter where your client is from, using Payinter as a form of accepting payments you will have access to received payments immediately.

    • Fast onboarding
    • Immidiate transactions from all over the world
    • Multiple payment methods
    • Easy to navigate dashboard


    Clear intuitive user-friendly interface

    Our usability driven interface design was developed in such a way that all the necessary information is easily and quickly accessible. Current balance, transaction history, favorite users, saved businesses, multiple currencies and other important account information all reachable within just a couple of clicks in the web version of the Payinter platform.

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    Fast onboarding

    Our proprietary technology and experienced compliance department ensure that onboarding happens quickly and easily, just fill in a short questionnaire, submit documents verifying your identity and you are ready to start using Payinter


    Secure transaction

    Our wallet is developed in a level 1 PCI DSS environment, making it complient with the stringest of security regulations. Funds deposited and used within the system are safe and secure from any external atacks

    Mobile friendly

    We are always on the move, you must be too. We’ve made it so that you never lose access to your funds. As long as there is a stable internet connection on your smartphone, you will be able to both spend and receive funds to your Payinter wallet


    Beautiful, functional, secure
    and ready to use


    For individuals

    Use payinter as a tool to transfer funds between friends and family or pay businesses, locally and internationally, instantly at a low cost.


    Quick withdrawals

    The funds you are paid are immediately available to use within the Payinter ecosystem, what that means is that you are also able to immediately withdraw them to your bank account as soon as they end up in your wallet.


    For businesses

    Provide your clients with the ability to pay for your goods and services both online, and on the spot with our wallets easy API integrations.


    Exchange service

    If you’ve received a currency that is not supported within your country you may wish to exchange it within your own wallet for future use. Never lose sight of your money.


    Multi currency

    We are truly global, your account is available in all major currencies, that means that you can pay and get paid in a local currency of the merchant/client.


    Easy top up

    Add funds to your wallet with all major payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, SEPA and SWIFT transfers as well as multiple alternative methods of payment such as Faster Payments, Apple Pay, MIR and many more.


    Have any questions?

    Anyone willing to take advantage of our services can apply. However no matter whether you are an individual or a business you must go through our onboarding procedure which includes verification of your identity and/or right to represent a business that you are applying on behalf of. 

    It’s simple – once your profile has been verified you are able to top-up your balance either with a wire transfer, card payment or by accepting a payment from a friend or relative that is already present in our ecosystem. As soon as the funds reach your account and are visible within your wallet you can send them to other users of Payinter

    Your money is secure. All the funds tht we hold are securely placed in top tier regulated banks and financial institutions.

    First and foremost you will acquire a new audience that is our existing customers who will be able to locate you in their dashboard. Moreover, as the economy moves online, being able to increase the number of accepted payment methods and service more regions around the globe is a definite advantage.

    Any legal, regulated and trnsparrent business can obtain an account.

    Creating an account is free. Payinter withholds a small transaction fee in order to support our infrastructure.

    We use state of the art technology in order to pre-screen our clients, as all the funds move strictly within the system we can be sure that once the company or person has been accepted and onboarded they are legitimite and thus may exchange funds amongst each other. 

    This much requested functionality is under construction and we hope to release this in the near future.


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    +44 12345678


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    If you are still in doubt that Payinter is the right choice for you. Please get in touch with us using this contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.